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Broadcasting Products

Transmission Antenna

For our broadband antennas, we reduced the frequency dependence of directivity.

Our products feature compact dimensions, which permit replacement with existing antennas. We achieved both superior VSWR and directivity across a wider frequency range.

Digital TV UHF twin loop antenna (horizontal polarization; 2L, 4L, 6L)
Digital TV UHF twin loop antenna (vertical polarization: 4LR)
Low-wind-load antenna
Transmission Anten

Receiving Antenna (Planned Product)

Receiving antenna that supports the configuration of a digital network

We offer an antenna with the features required by each station.

Broadband grid parabola antenna
Receiving Antenna


Compact combiners that support configuration of digital network

We offer compact, space-saving products.

Two-channel combiner (for quasi-master stations)
Multi-channel combiner (for quasi-master stations)
Combiner for relay stations
Input branching filter

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